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Get the most out of your business.

Enhance your business by mastering the essentials.

At Neon Supply, we believe in providing businesses with the right tools and resources to grow. That's why we offer a diverse range of marketing courses. Whether you want to improve your personal branding or learn the ins and outs of HubSpot, our courses have got you covered.

  • This course is designed to electrify your presence across any platform, turning the spotlight onto you and your unique brand story. Whether you’re a creator, entrepreneur, or someone just looking to stand out in a crowded space, this course offers the tools, insights, and creative sparks needed to illuminate your path to success. Get ready to shine brighter than ever with our expertly crafted modules, each one a stepping stone towards becoming a memorable personal brand and an engaged platform for growth.

    What You'll Learn:

    1. Introduction to Personal Branding: Discover the power of personal branding and why it's your secret weapon in today’s digital world.

    2. The Core of Your Brand: Unearth your unique value propositions and learn how to make them glow.

    3. Visual Identity & Style: Design a visual brand that pops, including logos, color schemes, and a style that’s unmistakably you.

    4. Crafting Your Brand Story: Learn the art of storytelling to create an emotional connection with your audience.

    5. Digital Presence & Website Wonders: Build a digital home base that’s as inviting as it is impressive.

    6. Social Media Mastery: Strategies for shining on social platforms, from Instagram glitz to LinkedIn professionalism.

    7. Content Creation That Electrifies: Generate ideas and content that spark conversations and engagement.

    8. Networking & Collaboration: Build the skills and learn the tactics to navigate to your target consumer to find and connect with allies, influencers, and paying customers.

    9. SEO & Online Visibility: Optimize your online presence to ensure you’re seen by the right people. Learn how to choose and promote your words carefully in an online competition for attention.

    10. Monetizing Your Brand: Map and create both traditional and innovative ways to turn your personal brand into a revenue stream or career growth.

    11. Maintaining Your Glow: Tips, tricks, and habits for keeping your brand bright, including reputation management and staying relevant.

    12. The Future of Your Brand: Setting goals and planning for long-term growth and evolution.

    Who Should Enroll:

    Small/Medium Sized Business owners, creators, entrepreneurs, professionals, and anyone eager to amp up their personal brand and stand out in their field. Whether you're just starting out or looking to refresh your existing brand, this course will provide the strategies, inspiration, and tools you need to make your mark.

    What's Included:

    • 12 Lessons - Online Video Access

    • Personal Branding Certificate to share with your network

    • Personal Brand Audit

    • Personal Brand Builder & Template

    • A Personal Brand Guide (PDF)

      • Logo​

      • Colors

      • Typography

      • 2 Custom Social Templates

    Course Description:

  • This symphony of sales strategies is designed to fine-tune your skills, harmonize your sales efforts, and amplify your results using the powerful tools within HubSpot's Sales Hub. Whether you're a solo artist looking to captivate audiences or an ensemble aiming to sell out shows, this course will teach you how to conduct your sales processes with maestro-like precision. Prepare to ascend the scales of sales success and compose your opus of outstanding results.

    What You'll Learn:

    1. Introduction to Sales Hub: An excellent introduction to Hubspot's Sales Hub, giving an overview of the modules, tools, and opportunities within this award-winning software stack.

    2. Crafting Your Sales Strategy: Learn how to create a sales strategy that resonates with your audience and aligns with your business goals.

    3. Contact Management: Master the art of managing contacts, ensuring that every interaction in your customer relationship is perfect.

    4. Deals Management: Navigate the nuances of deal management, from the initial inquiry to the successful closing.

    5. Email Campaigns: Conduct effective email campaigns that resonate with your prospects.

    6. Sales Calls and Pipelines: Learn how to make engaging sales calls and manage your pipelines efficiently.

    7. Automation and Workflows: Learn how to automate your sales process, creating efficient systems.

    8. Reporting and Analytics: Interpret the data at your fingertips, turning analytics into actionable insights.

    9. Sales Content: Craft compelling sales content that supports your sales efforts.

    10. Social Selling: Engage and enchant prospects across social platforms.

    11. Integration: Learn how to integrate other tools and platforms seamlessly with Sales Hub, creating a cohesive sales technology suite.

    12. Scaling Your Sales Success: Plan for the future with advanced strategies and tools to keep your sales performance growing.

    Who Should Enroll:

    Sales professionals, team leaders, and business owners looking to fine-tune their sales process, amplify their sales efforts, and conduct their teams to success. Whether you're new to HubSpot's Sale Hub or seeking to deepen your mastery, this course will equip you with the knowledge, strategies, and tools to achieve a standing ovation in sales.

    What's Included:

    • 12 Lessons - Online Video Access

    • HubSpot Sales Hub Certificate to share with your network

    • Sales Tools & Templates​

      • Playbook Builders

        • Sales​

        • Marketing

      • ​Customer Journey Audit

      • 1 Custom Lead Magnet

      • Industry Scripts & Playbooks

    • Discount Code for your next Neon Supply Course

    Course Description

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Personal Branding Workshop

3 WEEK COURSE - 12 Lessons

Our Personal Branding Course is designed to help you determine what you represent/sell/stand for, communicate it effectively, and create a lasting impression on your audience. With our expert guidance, you'll learn how to build a compelling brand and take your career or business to the next level.

Only $1999 CAD per person 

  • This journey is meticulously mapped out to guide marketers through the swirling currents and shining horizons of HubSpot's Marketing Hub. Whether you're manning the helm of a startup or steering a fleet of marketing initiatives for a large enterprise, this course will serve as your compass, guiding you to explore the treasures of effective inbound marketing, content creation, and lead generation. Prepare to hoist your sails and embark on an expedition to discover the art of attracting, engaging, and delighting customers, transforming them into loyal ambassadors for your brand.

    What You'll Learn:

    1. Charting the Course: An introduction to inbound marketing and the comprehensive capabilities of HubSpot's Marketing Hub and the omni-channel approach to scale.

    2. Mapping Your Marketing Strategy: Crafting a marketing strategy that plots a course for success, leveraging the power of HubSpot.

    3. Creating Captivating Content: Discover how to create attention-seeking content that lures audiences and keeps them anchored to your brand. 

    4. Navigating SEO Seas: Master the currents of SEO to ensure your content is spotted on the horizon of search engine results.

    5. Social Media Sailing: Learn to navigate the social media waves, engaging with audiences where they spend their time. Discover how trend hacking, recurring value creation, and social proof can power your brand to scale.

    6. Email Marketing Revolution: Sending emails that invite openers to embark on a journey with your brand but email marketing isn't the Wild West anymore. Uncover the tips and tricks to simplify your message and make digestible content for your target customers and fans.

    7. Lead Generation Landmarks: Build a value chain to engage potential customers to help identify and capture leads that fill your sales funnel with a consistent pipeline of opportunities. 

    8. Automating the Voyage: Implement marketing automation to streamline your processes and personalize customer journeys. Simplify your operations by adding AI to your customer engagement strategies.

    9. Blogging Breakdown: Steer your message by utilizing a blog to navigate through the SEO renaissance and value-driven algorithms being pioneered across social and search platforms.

    10. Landing Page Lighthouses: Designing landing pages that act as beacons, guiding visitors to take action. Help your brand or business stand out by adding inspiring design to their first impression.

    11. Analyzing Outcomes: Using analytics to understand your journey so far, make informed decisions, and plot future courses. Hubspot enables you to review data at any level by creating customized measurements of the data that means the most to your business.

    12. Future Voyages: Preparing for what's beyond the horizon with advanced strategies and technologies in digital marketing.

    Who Should Enroll:

    Marketers, content creators, digital strategists, and business owners are ready to set their sights on success through effective digital marketing. Whether you're just embarking on your marketing journey or looking to navigate through advanced waters, this course will provide you with the map, compass, and tools needed to explore the vast possibilities of HubSpot's Marketing Hub.

    What's Included:

    • 12 Lessons - Online Video Access

    • HubSpot Marketing Hub Certificate to share with your network

    • SEO Builder

    • Bulk Content Creation Template

    • Content Planner

    • Content Calendar Template

    • Quarterly Marketing Strategy Template

    • AI Prompts for Content Creation

    • Discount Code for your next Neon Supply Course

    Course Description

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Sales Hub

3 WEEK COURSE - 12 Lessons

Revolutionize your sales process with HubSpot's Sales Hub. This cloud-based CRM platform is designed to improve sales performance by simplifying your pipeline management and boosting transaction closure rates. We'll teach you how to leverage this powerful tool to take your sales to the next level.

Only $2999 CAD per person

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Marketing Hub

3 WEEK COURSE - 12 Lessons

Attention marketing teams: it's time improve your lead creation and management process. We'll teach you how to use HubSpot's Marketing Hub to to manage, organize, and track your efforts. Get started today and discover how you can become a marketing master.

Only $2999 CAD per person

  • This mission is designed to propel you through the galaxy of customer service, leveraging the powerful tools and features of HubSpot's Service Hub. Whether you're a solo explorer aiming to make meaningful connections or a commander leading a crew in pursuit of customer service excellence, this course will equip you with the gravitational pull needed to keep customers orbiting around your brand. Prepare for liftoff as we embark on an interstellar journey to explore new frontiers of customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty.

    What You'll Learn:

    1. Mission Launch: Introduction to the Service Hub and the importance of stellar customer service automation and acceleration that's expected in the digital age. 

    2. Building Your Rocketship: Setting up and customizing HubSpot's Service Hub to meet your mission requirements and to match the expectations of your existing or potential customers.

    3. Navigating Customer Conversations: Techniques for managing customer conversations across channels, ensuring smooth and empathetic communication.

    4. Feedback Nebulas: Collecting and analyzing customer feedback to understand their needs and expectations. Build simple and robust feedback loops to tell your consumer you care and are constantly seeking improvement.

    5. Knowledge Base: Creating a self-service knowledge base that guides customers to find answers like stars in the night sky. Connect to automation and feedback looks to ensure your customers can find answers even when you're busy building your brand.

    6. Ticketing System Orbit: Managing customer support tickets efficiently, ensuring no issue is lost in space.

    7. Automated Service Droids: Leveraging automation to streamline customer service processes and free up time for more personalized engagement on the tasks that matter most to your organization.

    8. Customer Journey Mapping: Charting the customer journey to identify key touchpoints and optimize their experience before, during, and after they have engaged with your business.

    9. Service Analytics and Insights: Using analytics to monitor service performance and identify black holes before they impact customer satisfaction. Enable oversight, tracking, and SLA standards to support your promises to partners and relationships.

    10. Creating Customer Advocates: Turning satisfied customers into brand advocates who sing your praises across your products and services. Nurture and gain trust in your relationships to find out how you can best serve their success.

    11. Advanced Communication Technologies: Exploring new dimensions of customer service with chatbots, AI, and omnichannel strategies. A focus on the advanced tools that can be utilized after a foundation of success has been created

    12. The Future of Customer Service: Preparing for the next frontier with emerging trends and technologies in customer service.

    Who Should Enroll:

    Customer service professionals, support team leaders, and business owners looking to elevate their customer service to cosmic levels. Whether you're initiating your first contact or seeking to expand your universe of customer service skills, this course will provide the insights, strategies, and tools needed to ensure your customers remain in a stable orbit around your brand.

    What's Included:

    • 12 Lessons - Online Video Access

    • HubSpot Service Hub Certificate to share with your network

    • Feedback Loop Template

    • Workflow Templates

    • Service Integrations Guide

    • Custom Walkthrough Template

    • Customer Service Chatbot Starter Kit

    • AI Prompts for Service Snippets, Emails, and Chatbots

    • Discount Code for your next Neon Supply Course

    Course Description

  • This masterclass is your gateway to mastering the art and science of digital business strategies, online sales, customer engagement, and brand illumination. Whether you're charting a course for digital marketing dominance, aiming to close sales like a supernova, providing stellar customer service, or shining the light on your unique brand, this odyssey is your launchpad to the stars of success. Prepare for a journey that will transform you into a digital navigator, capable of steering your brand through the ever-expanding universe of online possibilities.

    What You'll Embark On:

    1. Sales & Strategy: Kick off your growth plan by understanding the connections and parallels of your sales and marketing goals. These powerful tools are best utilized in complete synchronization and this is where you will get started.

    2. Are you marketing or selling your brand?: Introduction to the power and potential of personal branding in the digital age.

    3. Core Illumination: Unearthing your unique value and crafting a brand identity that shines.

    4. Inbound Marketing Mastery: Navigating the essentials of attracting, engaging, and delighting customers digitally.

    5. Content Creation Cosmos: Exploring the universe of content marketing for magnetic attraction.

    6. SEO Strategies: Charting the SEO landscapes to ensure visibility among the stars of search engines.

    7. Social Media Spectrums: Mastering the art of social media to engage and expand your audience.

    8. Email Marketing Eclipses: Crafting campaigns that convert and captivate.

    9. Sales Strategies Supernova: Exploding your sales techniques with HubSpot's Sales Hub insights.

    10. Deal Dynamics: Navigating the nuances of deal closures and pipeline management.

    11. Service Starfields: Delivering exceptional customer service that turns clients into constellation-like advocates.

    12. Customer Feedback Galaxies: Gathering and utilizing feedback to enhance the customer journey.

    13. Future Frontiers: Preparing for the evolution of digital strategies with emerging trends and technologies.

    Who Should Enroll:

    Digital marketers, sales professionals, customer service champions, business owners, and anyone looking to master the digital domain. Whether you're a neophyte navigating the basics or a seasoned astronaut aiming for the stars, this masterclass offers the knowledge, skills, and strategies to achieve digital excellence.

    What's Included:

    • 48 Lessons - Online Video Access

    • Accreditation

      • Sales & Marketing Certificate to share with your network

      • Personal Branding Certificate to share with your network

      • HubSpot Sales Hub Certificate to share with your network

      • HubSpot Marketing Hub Certificate to share with your network

      • HubSpot Service Hub Certificate to share with your network

    • Course Materials​

      • All of the content from our Branding and Hubspot Courses

    • Support & Mentorship

      • 2 Hrs of 1-on-1 time with topic experts from our team

      • Lifetime Discount on the purchase of future Neon Supply Services

    Masterclass Description

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Services Hub

3 WEEK COURSE - 12 Lessons

Looking to run inbound marketing campaigns that attract, engage, and delight customers? Look no further than the HubSpot Services Hub. We teach you how to use this tool to create successful campaigns that foster long-term relationships with your customers. 

Only $2999 CAD per person

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A man ready to sell


Sales & Marketing Masterclass

3 WEEK COURSE - 12 Lessons

Learn how to effectively manage your customer relationship management (CRM), marketing, sales, and productivity needs in one platform. We'll guide you through best practices and strategies to optimize your business processes and drive growth using HubSpot and your own personal brand. 

Only $9999 CAD per person

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